Silent sounder

Computing devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablets, cellulars, and countless types of Internet-of-Thing devices are increasingly prevalent in numerous aspects of modern life. Also they have a lot of different multimedia features. All the world delays in expecting of inexpensive wearable “like-glass” computers.
Hypothetically this one computer will includes cellular- and interaction-means. One of important means is sound reproductor. But classical cellular’s speaker – is very big or loud, and small earphone is unpleasant to carry all of the day. Therefore, a bone conduction has come to help in this problem. There are exist a lot of devices based on “bone-conduction” principle.
One of the first Google’s glasses (US8553910) includes vibration transducer (marked by 182 at picture) in the role of bone-condction speaker.

User may move posteriorly and/or superiorly, to a position illustrated by the dotted representation.
Bone-conduction feature is known long time. There are numerous inventions at this area. That is system (DE102009050667) for prividing notifications in loud places.
Bone conduction refers to the forwarding of supersonic oscillations or vibrations through the skull bones surrounding the organ of hearing, bypassing the middle ear.

At US7076077 descrided the provision of a bone conduction headset.

The older invention (US2249572) offer to use encircling the head a strip of flexible self-aligning material, which hold a bone-conducting speaker. Invention have been registered at 1944, but have been  made at 1933!

That is one of speakers (US6141427) at 2000 y.

15And one of the oldest inventions is a silent sounder by J.J. Cooper (US1531543) at 1920.


Invention relates to telegraphy for using by telegraph operators. It attaches to the head of operator. Device comprises an electromagnet, an armature and a pressure finger, which normally rest upon the operator’s temple. By the application of electric current to the magnets, the pressure may be increased for a short or a longer period (dott and dash at Morse code). In testimony whereof James J. Cooper have affixed his signature in the patent:)

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