Stealth Aircraft

Now I try to start new section in the blog – “Inv-in Russia”. The section dedicated to inventions in Russia. And this post will about one rapid stuff like an aircraft. This aircraft (RU2572366, priority from 2014 and registered in 2016, by Beriev Aircraft Company) is shipborne and ground-based. It has observation and guidance all around antennas which intended for traffic control and sea patrolling. Moreover, the craft has low radar signature.

Aircraft's top view

Aircraft’s top view

It comprises fuselage, wing, tail, power plant, undercarriage and all around antenna system. Central part of wing has radioparent leading, trailing edges and it has greater narrowing than the back-wing tail. Craft is made like “a low-glider” and it has V-shape wing and tail. The front and rear edge of the central part of the wing has antennas  to allow all around observation.

Aircraft's side view

Aircraft’s side view

Simple flaps installed instead flaps on the lower surface of the central part of the wing. It allows to increase the maximum of wing lift and the steepness of the path on approach.

Aircraft's front view

Aircraft’s front view

Useful features of invention are enlarged coverage of air situation, low radar signature, unimpeded crew ejection, easy access to antenna system cowls. Also it allows to increase flight speed and steepening path on approach, reduce take-off and landing distance, fight in a group of stealth aircraft or independent in case of a presence of weapons.

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