Automated Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

Air Drones have rapidly integrated into routine life and work. However these rapidness also causes a lack of control. Using of satellite navigation systems is not correct for drone’s bearing, so it is necessary to apply ground appartus for space coordinates detection. For information, drone usually called “unmanned aerial vehicle” in Russia. It sounds like “BPLA” or just “BLA”. It’s for laugh: several drones are bla-bla-bla-… .

Present invention (RU2523446, priority from 2011, Armaments Academy of Russian Federation) includes a method which can be used to determine coordinates of “enemy” air drone in automatic mode.

System for Automatical Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

System for Automatical Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

For picture:

1. Circular scan camera
2. Radiation from the drone
3. Angle measuring device
4. Illumination of the drone
5. Bearing signal
6. Laser rangefinder
7. Processing device

The method involves using laser radiation reflected from a drone to determine range, vertical and horizontal angles, which are used to accurately determine the position of the drone in space. An automated information processing system from the invention enables to determine direction of the drone movement.

Horizontal and Vertical Angles

Horizontal and Vertical Angles

A method of automatic coordinates determination of air drones with circular scan cameras and monitor, which are oriented in space, а computer and a laser rangefinder for illumination of drone, wherein circular scan cameras are placed symmetrically and in different directions, so it’s possibly to observe a 360° during a day or a night, and drone’s appearing is fixed automatically like a interference occurring on a video frame.

Determination of Space Coordinates

Determination of Space Coordinates

The data processed by a computer, which calculate angular values for drone’s location height and horizon relative to the center of аn angle measuring device. The device with a rotating mechanism directs the laser rangefinder to measure the distance to the drone. Data about measured distance delivers to a processing device (computer), where the automated determination of drone’s Xd, Yd, Zd space coordinates.

Invention allows to alert and to strike an enemy drone, to detect of an air drone and to determinate of coordinates with high accuracy.

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