Financing System of Robotics in Russia

If you are a robotics developer or researcher, you can get finances for your job. A system for robotics financing in Russia has 4 main interaction interfaces with inventors and developers:

  • Research Organizations and Laboratories of Defense Ministry
  • Institutes of Higher Education of Education Ministry
  • Manufacturers of Defense-Industrial Sector
  • Found of Advanced Researches

Case A – you work in defence research organization. It is unlikely, but possible. You can be a student in a military institute or academy.

Case B – you are a student (that’s most likely) or scientific employee in an institute or other education ministry organization.

Case C – you again work in defence ministry organization, but in role of a manufacturer. And again

Case D – you are an initiative developer or independent scientist, who has some ideas and plans in roborics or other related areas. In tis case you have to go to Found of Advanced Researches.

These organizations make a coordination in research and development activity in Russia. The system encapsulates listed below elements:

  • General Staff of Military Force
  • Military-Scientific Committee
  • Military Administration
  • Customers:
    • Defense Ministry Department on Ensuring of State Military Order
    • Administration of Defense Advanced Projects and Researches
  • Central Administration of Research Activity and Technological Accompaniment of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences of Defense Ministry

The head of the system is Deputy Minister of Defense on the development of control and information system technologies.

The central part of the system is newly founded Central Scientific, Research and Test Center of Robotics. It takes participation in projects examination, formation of state military order and offering new ways of researches. It also coordinates research and development activity.

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