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Remote detection of physiological changes

There is necessity to detect remotely small physiological changes in a human in order to measure the human’s condition including physiological stress levels and viability.

Neural inputs to the heart’s sinoatrial node accelerate or decelerate the heart rate over varying time scales depending on the respiration (RESP) rate and the balance of tone of the two branches of autonomic nervous system (ANS). At worst, just a heartbeat indicates the presence of vital activity. This method is particularly useful for the detection of people under rubble.

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Spengler’s head-up display

Nowaday cars is a proving area for technological innovations. It is now, and it was in the past at the dawn of the automotive industry.

A patent for invention “Speed indicator” (US2430690) had been published in a distant 1947. Author is Lester B Spengler. The invention relates to automotive vehicles and describes a speedometer, which suspended on line of driver’s look.

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Silent sounder

Computing devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablets, cellulars, and countless types of Internet-of-Thing devices are increasingly prevalent in numerous aspects of modern life. Also they have a lot of different multimedia features. All the world delays in expecting of inexpensive wearable “like-glass” computers.
Hypothetically this one computer will includes cellular- and interaction-means. One of important means is sound reproductor. But classical cellular’s speaker – is very big or loud, and small earphone is unpleasant to carry all of the day. Therefore, a bone conduction has come to help in this problem. There are exist a lot of devices based on “bone-conduction” principle.
One of the first Google’s glasses (US8553910) includes vibration transducer (marked by 182 at picture) in the role of bone-condction speaker.

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Senior fox

There is known sports and technical game called “fox hunting”. Players take radio-bearings. Aim of the game is find as soon as possible “foxes” with use own radio-bearing. In the role of the “foxes” are radio transmitters. But there is another type of fox.6 Continue reading

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Excellent radio electronic “gadget”

It’s a usefull model so-called “Radio-electronic device” (RU22999), which includes a lot of cool things such as truck, container, radio transceiver, power- and life support-devices, spare parts, telescopic mast and antenna-feeder system.


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