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Automated Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

Air Drones have rapidly integrated into routine life and work. However these rapidness also causes a lack of control. Using of satellite navigation systems is not correct for drone’s bearing, so it is necessary to apply ground appartus for space coordinates detection. For information, drone usually called “unmanned aerial vehicle” in Russia. It sounds like “BPLA” or just “BLA”. It’s for laugh: several drones are bla-bla-bla-… .

Present invention (RU2523446, priority from 2011, Armaments Academy of Russian Federation) includes a method which can be used to determine coordinates of “enemy” air drone in automatic mode.

System for Automatical Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

System for Automatical Coordinates Determination of an Air Drone

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Stealth Aircraft

Now I try to start new section in the blog – “Inv-in Russia”. The section dedicated to inventions in Russia. And this post will about one rapid stuff like an aircraft. This aircraft (RU2572366, priority from 2014 and registered in 2016, by Beriev Aircraft Company) is shipborne and ground-based. It has observation and guidance all around antennas which intended for traffic control and sea patrolling. Moreover, the craft has low radar signature.

Aircraft's top view

Aircraft’s top view

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